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This The New Free RPG Webring site owned by Grant Graves.
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MEP is an independent RPG gaming advocate that seeks to ensure the survival of the independent RPG scene and the RPG community at large. MEP takes care of all your RPG needs. Not only does MEP promote the RPG community, we also produce pen and paper role-playing games by gamers, for gamers. Providing unique expressions of many different genres, including new ones. MEP's games are free.

We always put gamers first. MEP's ideas are to ensure that someone in the industry is always listening to the gamers, corresponding with them, and assisting them so they may put their ideas to paper and share those ideas with others. Making a product free won't neccessarily save a crippled art, it will however give yet another medium for which gamers can create ideas. Afterall, its all about the art, and that starts us, the gamers. Art before profit. We are listening. Come, share your ideas.

08/22/01: Some important things to add. First, I've changed my legal name from Grant Graves to Liam Wilson. MEP is releasing a new game, D20 Superheroes. It is posted to the right under Newest MEP Material. I am also working on a Net Compendium for BESM 2nd Edition, as well as, the next issue RPGUG. Also, if you haven't seen it, you should check out RPG Maker 2000, a great way to make those old 16-bit SNES style RPGs.

07/04/01 #2: I've decided to open a short story section (on the right-hand side) to help get the creative juices flowing. I've released three short stories that have gotten me a lot of praise. Feel free to distribute them to others. Hope you enjoy them.

- The first is called 'Magebane'. Its an experimental sub-genre I've been playing around with, Magi-Punk. Its not based on the RPG, but rather about the rediscovery of magic dubbed Flecting (Realmwalkers: Earth), only its been served up to the masses via pop-culture media. Its a story about rival high school gangs that use it against one another.

- The second is a TekHL short story called 'Remi and the Tapper'. Its about a HLSNT on a mission to track down a prototype corporate super-soldier. I haven't met a person yet who hasn't demanded a sequel to this story.

- The third is 'The Black Vessel', another TekHL story. This one is set to the tone of an urban legend about "The Demon in the Shell", a serial killer that escapes hell via the Soul Axis Network and possesses a security agent to build him a body so to return to the mortal world.

07/04/01 # 1: MEP sponsors a new game, Furtasia. Its a game in development, and help as been requested, so go to our sponsor section and check it out... and help them out.

06/12/01: Premier Issue of MEP's RPG Underground released. A monthly e-zine loaded with RPG sources from gaming systems such as d20, BESM 2nd, Palladium, MEP Light, AD&D 2nd Edition, and many more. This issue is 1.24mb in size covering 47 pages with images. I had to break it down into three sections because tripod won't let me post anything over a meg. At any rate, enjoy. We'll be looking forward to any submissions for any gaming line.

Download RPG Underground #1-Part 1

Download RPG Underground #1-Part 2

Download RPG Underground #1-Part 3

#2 04/28/01: Added the initial public release of MEP's Vampire: the Masquerade-Redemption MOD, the Apoc Muse MOD v1.0. Look on the right hand side for details and the patch. Also added Hector Segovia's new game, Prisoner.

#1 04/28/01: Added a gaming portal to the site, so now you may play java games on-line through MEP. Also added two news sections, cyberculture, and cool sites. Sorry guys, no RPG news section available. If you know of one, e-mail me, I'll be sure to add it.

#3 04/27/01: MEP is taking some new directions with the page. We are going to be adding some new things that branch off from our regular line of things. Still things for gaming created by MEP members, but things like Magic: The Database expansions that we've created and Vampire: the Masquerade-Redemption Mods. Make sure to check out the coming soon section on down the page.

#2 04/27/01: MEP has been awarded the "Best Site Design" Award from

#1 04/27/01: We've added two new people to the MEP family. Chris Magoun and Zionus. Magoun is the designer of Bostonia RPG. Zionus of Dark Hunter. I really don't think I do these designers and their games justice by placing them in the same entry, so go check them out. They are really great games, and drop the designers a line to let them know that their hard work is appreciated. There is a link to their sites in the sponsored games section. The designers are also listed in the MEP members section.

02/17/01: MEP would like to welcome Hector Segovia to the fold. Hector joins MEP bringing with him two titles; Assassins and Evolution: Gods at Play. Look in the MEP Sponsored Games section to visit Hector's homepage, Nicodemus' Haven, where you can download these two new FREE RPGs. MEP will keep you up to date on new releases from the Haven.

02/03/01: MEP is back. It's been a year since the site was last updated. I'm sure that many thought that we were defunct. So did we. The other day I checked the stats for the site. MEP is still getting over three hundred hits a week, and as we promised to the gaming community, we'd be there. It seems like everyone's listening for us, but we haven't been talking. For that, I am sorry. I've busy with my life, and a new baby boy. I have also been in the middle of a short story anthology, so I've been incredibly busy. But now it is time to get back to my roots, back to my first love, back to RPGs. So here we are, MEP has returned. I'll post something in the next few days, just let me write it (you hardcore fans know how I am, able to throw out a couple thousand word sourcebook from scratch). If you're still listening, so are we. Drop us a line.

MEP's Free Services

The New Free RPG Webring: a webring designed to keep the free RPG scene together and in touch with one another. It also allows gamers to access free RPG sites from a unified point.

Game Posting: No longer updating you game? Don't let it slip into oblivion. Let us preserve it for you. MEP will be more than happy to post your RPGs on this page, giving the author(s) FULL credit for their work. This initiative may also draw more feedback on a game, with MEP or others writing sourcebooks for the posted games. Of course, if the author chooses to add more to the game, simply send the files to MEP and they will be uploaded immediately.

Are you interested in joining MEP? MEP has two catagories of members; Full and Lurkers. Full members run games, help decide what path MEP will take as far as projects and releases, help support MEP, and submit some form of material, usually one page of work per week. Full members may also post their RPGs on MEP's page. Lurkers are close associates. They help support MEP and occasionally submit works. If you are interested in joining MEP, please e-mail us at

Overview of Product Lines
  • Realmwalkers™ Light RPG: The tender balance of the universe is threatened. Forces of good and evil are aligned against one another, constantly vying for power and control. You have been unknowingly chosen, willingly or not, to travel through space and time to places your imagination could never have dreamed existed, to fight and to die for causes you are uncertain of, you've just become a realmwalker.

    Soul Axis™ RPG: Seek your inner most fears, find and face them. Control your appetites, before they control you. Torment yourself with your greatest mistakes. Learn. Gain strength, or be devoured. Search your soul… bring a friend.

    Placidhaven™ RPG: Welcome to Placidhaven, MEP's fantasy setting. Set in the world of Placidhaven, explore a land filled with magic, danger, and Haunted Steel™; powerful magic items whose creation is shrouded in mystery.

    Hero 8™ RPG/Dice Game: Play a superhero.

    Cychosis™: Cychosis™ is the first in a series of new games MEP has defined as Gothic Cyber-Horror. Set on the planet of Cyberia, a world inhabited by sentient robots, a technological catastrophe, brought on by a natural phenomenon, has spawned a dreadful virus dubbed Malleum Ex Mentus (the Hammer of the Mind). The virus taints the neural core of the robots causing uncontrolled homicidal rage. Play in the game begins fifteen years after the virus' original onset, launching the characters head long into the tattered remnants of world torn asunder by economic collapse, plagues, and wars.

    Other MEP Products

    StoryTelling: REQUIRED: A basic layout on storytelling using the MEP Light System. Gives rules procedures for solving specific problems in games and optional rules.

    Book of Talents: REQUIRED: Over 200 talents for use with the MEP Light System. From arts and science to combat and physical, even contains standards for creating new talents and combining talents.

    Magic: over 100 magical powers for use with the MEP Light System.

    Inner Mind: over 100 psychic powers and 8 psychic templates for use with the MEP Light System.

    Cyber-Heroes: Cyber gear for use with the MEP Light System; includes 6 new character templates.

    Fifth World: Todd Holland's vision of a post-apocalyptic Jewel. For use with the Realmwalkers (TM) RPG.

    Magic Gear: magic items for the MEP Light System.

    Fantasy Compendium: new creatures for use with the MEP Light System; especially Placidhaven (TM) RPG.

    Aliens: Creating alien races for the MEP Light System.

    Coming Soon

    - If you have any interest in all in the card game Magic: The Gathering, then you should get Magic: the Database. Its a free program (10mb) listing the information in a nice card format of every card in the game. Create new cards, change illustrations, create and save decks, even play mock duels. Its a very nice program. MEP is currently creating new expansions for the program, complete with card art. We are doing the MEP expansion, TekHL, and many others. But our first is for one of the greatest gaming series ever created that would go wonderfully into the card game, Mega Man. We've been collecting art, playing the games on emulators to get screenshots and so on. Now its just a question of organizing everything. Look for it soon.

    - If you've never played a multiplayer game of the computer game Vampire: the Masquerade-Redemption then you have no idea what you are missing out on, but I garauntee you, it is more than you can possibly imagine. If any fans of this site have and play this game, please get in contact with me so we can set up a game. Anyway, this game begs to be modified, as you will see with MEP's Mod, the Apoc Muse Mod v1.0.

    The Binder Format

    Tired of carrying around a ton of books to a gaming session when you only need the use three or four pages? Tired of sacrificing sources or having to spend more money to replace books when they are damaged? So were we... The Binder format allows you to print games and supplements, place them in binder, thus negating lugging around a ton of books to a gaming session. Instead, all of your materials, characters, campaign information, games, and supplements are arranged in one binder for easy access. If material is ever damaged, you can always reprint the lost information. By placing all of your games and supplements in one binder, you create an ever-expanding compendium of gaming information.


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